Why Cold Form Steel?
STS Steel Technology Systems

Because Steel Builds Better Structures. Period. Sustainable, economical and versatile, steel framing is at the forefront of alternative building materials for commercial and residential construction. Not only does cold form steel have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, but it is non-combustible and resistant to mold, insect damage and rot. Made in the USA, the quality of the material is produced in strict accordance with national standards--which means consistent material quality in all regions of the country. Plus, steel is 100% recyclable, making it one of the best sustainable framing choices available.


• Commercial Buildings
• Fire Stations
• Hospitals
• Military Housing
• Schools
• Warehouses
• Developing World Housing
• Emergency Housing
• Extreme Weather Shelters
• Buildings in High-Risk Areas, Especially Those Affected by Fires and Hurricanes
• Custom Luxury Homes
And More!

Cold Formed Steel Is...
• Insect Resistent
• Economical
• Decreased Construction Time
• No Mold
• Earthquake Resistent
• Light yet Strong
• 100% Recyclable
• Less Waste
• High Wind Protection


• Consistent Quality Means Easy Material Selection
• Save Time on the Job with Off-Site Panelization
• Benefit from Straight Walls and Corners
• Create Windows and Doors that Open and Close Easily. No Expansion or Contraction!
• Simplify Clean-up with Less Scrap and Waste (2% for Steel vs. 20% for Wood)
• Build Stronger Connections by Using Screws instead of Nails
• Consistent Pricing for Accurate Bidding

Developers and Building Owners Love Steel
And here’s why: not only does steel framing make buildings safer, but it also means less maintenance and a slower aging process for the structure. Fire, insect and mold resistance translates into substantial insurance savings, while stronger connections decrease the effects of seismic force in the event of an earthquake. Plus, steel is the natural choice for sustainability: made right here in the USA, steel is 100% recyclable.