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Steel Composite Floors - Steel Technology Systems has formed an allicance with Canam’s Hambro D-500 Steel composite floor joist system whihch is an advanced up-to-date answer to elevated floor construction challenges. Combining steel joists with poured concrete, the system consists of hybrid concrete/steel T-beams running in one direction and an integrated continuous slab in the other. The bottom chord acts as a tension member in the concreting stage and during the service life of the floor. The web system tying top and bottom chords together consists of bent rods and resists vertical shear in a conventional truss manner. The patented 13 gauge top chord acts as a compression member during the non-composite stage. In the composite stage, the top chord is embedded in the concrete and functions as a continuous shear connector. The concrete slab is reinforced with welded wire mesh. The top chord functions as a high chair, developing negative moment capacity in the concrete slab which behaves as a continuous one-way reinforced slab.

Fast and easy to install.

Composite design.

Saves on all mechanical trades (plumbing, electrical and HVAC).

Fire protection:
UL and ULC ratings with PVC plumbing and mechanical duct openings WITHOUT fire dampers.

Acoustical properties:
STC 57, IIC 30

Applicable to all types of building frames.

Value engineering, design plans, fast, dependable deliveries.

Less concrete and reinforcing steel required.

Reusable forms:
Reusable plywood forms.

The assembly of the system is to erect the first set of load bearing wall panels, typically located along the perimeter of the building.  All wall panels are pre-fabricated in a controlled environment, thus offering higher standards of quality and durability. 

Each component of the wall panel is galvanized and pre-compressed to guarantee a uniform, durable structural support for the building.

Transfer slabs are a unique type of floor system that transfers the loads from a wall system of a structure above the slab to columns and walls below. Zoning requirements for open space and fire protection, as well as the cost of land and the move toward green building techniques, have encouraged this type of structural frame for low and mid-rise structures. The Hambro composite floor system is a design-build alternative to podium slabs. It is composed of Hambro joists, girders, structural steel, steel or concrete columns. The systems is a tested and proved answer to solid, reliable transfer slabs supported by proven floor joists.

Transitions from load-bearing construction to columns
Support floors above, metal stud walls, wood walls, concrete or masonry walls
Up to 5 stories
Ideal for underground garage, mixed use, residential over retail

Same trade for forming, less labor
Time saving
Cost saving
Mechanical flexibility (ductability)